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Hello Community,

I have been long been wanting to pursue an SAP Certification and was on lookout for some suitable certification in my areas of interest and work. After some search I found my calling in HANA 2.0.

Through this blog I would like to share my experience and give tips on how to obtain this prized possession but before that, I would like to sincerely thank thomas.jung for his advice and rich.heilman and Thomas Jung for their openSAP course hana4 , hana5 and hana6.


  1. First of all, go through the above openSAP courses thoroughly.

  2. Do all the exercises (or read all of them).

  3. Answer all the self tests honestly.

  4. Read the course material HA450.

  5. Prepare notes as you go along.

One Week before Certification:

  1. Just and just review the notes thoroughly.

  2. Review all the self test answers but do not memorize instead understand the concepts as in some cases the answers and questions may be swapped.

On 'D' Day:

  1. Follow all guidelines and choose an appropriate location.

  2. If you are taking exam before 1st October, 2018 then Adobe Flash will be needed by questionmark secure browser and in that case make sure that the websites mentioned for online proctoring are added under Flash -> Camera and Mic Settings by site with Allow access. This is mandatory for connecting with proctor.

  3. As a normal practice I flag any question which seems tricky or makes me think longer. Then revisit them at the end.


  1. Cherish the rewards of your efforts. Join the privileged community of SAP Certified Developers and share your experience 🙂


Happy to help in case of further queries.
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Hi Ankit,


i am preparing for C_HANADEV_14 after my recent certification c_cp_11. I have gone through the concept and study ha450. Do i need to go through opensap course or ha450 is enough to appear for c_hanadev_14.


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Hi Piyush,

In my opinion, if you are through with HA450 then you should read/practice the exercises of the OpenSAP course and you should be well.

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Hi Ankit,


I took the certification exam last week, and I have successfully passed it! 😄

I watched all the openSAP courses dedicated for software development on SAP HANA and took all the questions and tests, I also read the HA450 (which was very useful).

I feel happy for it, because it is an area that wakes up my interest inside SAP world. Thank you very much for your tips, it was pretty useful and valuable for my success in the exam!!

Now there is a gap in my perception about the job opportunities for SAP HANA native applications development. I would like to know from you, as a person that works daily with SAP Technologies, how the today's scenario for people who want to work with SAP HANA is. I am new to the SAP market, besides the knowledge acquired studying for the certification, I have a basic understanding and experience in ABAP and the module SAP MM.

I look forward to your answer!

Best regards.

Hi Mateus,


Happy that you passed the certification. Congratulations to you on your success.


Currently there is a lot of thrust on CDS based developments as CDS can take care of all the three layes ( DB layers - it can create tables, Application programming layers - using it we can define behaviors, etc. and UI layer - we can create annotations in it and create Smart Controls based UI ). Also, SCP applications based on MTA concept are very much in demand. Pracitcal knowldge of node js is also very useful. Further you can explore the CAP model (Cloud Application Programming) model for creating new age cloud ready applications.

SAP HANA is the cornerstone of all major SAP Products.


Best Regards.