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At the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, new universities in the MENA region have been acquired in Qatar (Qatar Community College) as well as Oman (Modern College of Business & Science and Sultan Qaboos University). Furthermore the following four institutions signed license agreements: TVTC (Technical Vocational Training Corporation), Al Faisal University, King Khalid University and Dar Alulom University. Another highlight was the successful training of 20 new business school instructors from Higher Colleges of Technology in UAE on December 17, 2012. These instructors will pave the way to include 17 new Higher Technology Colleges as well as the Ministry of Higher Education. Several workshops like the training of 20 instructors on TERP10 from 8 different academies in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar or a workshop for 20 business school instructors from Higher Colleges of Technology who were trained in ERP have been organized. Another workshop on ERP with 45 participants from 15 new colleges will be arranged on March 2nd 2013. By the end of February 2013 a HANA technology awareness roadshow is being planned. All MENA initiatives focus on SAP HANA, the key priority being presented in all sessions and events.