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SAP Education has launched a new edition of SAP Learning Hub with an enriched  learning environment for users as well as free learning offerings via SAP Learning Hub discovery edition. A key new interactive social learning feature in SAP Learning Hub are virtual Learning Rooms which improve the effectiveness of e-learning.

Learning Rooms are virtual forums which are built into SAP Jam, moderated by SAP trainers and experts and exclusively available to SAP Learning Hub subscribers only. Learning Rooms provide access to additional instructor-based knowledge resources which are in addition to the standard course materials and they give valuable solution and business context. Once you have registered for a Learning Room in SAP Learning Hub you can start to collaborate with other learners and instructors. Trainers and experts from SAP will answer your learning content-related questions and will publish videos, blogs and exercises continuously. In parallel, you can use the self-study material, e-learning coursess, and flipbooks contained in SAP Learning Hub.

Benefits of Learning Rooms:

  • Learn in your own time with SAP expert support to guide you along the learning path
  • Follow a step-by-step path to SAP Certification with pre-selected content and learning modules from SAP instructors
  • Access additional learning resources that help you increase your knowledge outside the core training curricula
  • Participate in a very personalized learning experience where you can interact with other learners and ask your questions on related training topics
  • Receive automatic feed updates by email on daily or weekly basis to keep track with what's new
  • Participate in scheduled live info sessions which are run by knowledgable SAP experts

Collaboration and learning examples in Learning Rooms include:

  • Feed updates: Follow a Learning Room to be informed about updates and new content
  • Discussion forum: Ask questions and get answers from SAP trainers and experts
  • Blog posts and quick polls: Create these in order to share your scenarios and ideas, and to get feedback from other learners
  • Videos, demos and blogs recorded and posted by SAP trainers and experts
  • You can search for key-words within the SAP Learning Hub which will then also show respective entries from the Learning Rooms social collaboration space

Here is a sneak preview of what a Learning Room looks like

Available Learning Rooms

Between February and April 2014, SAP ran an initial pilot of the new Learning Room concept. The pilot was very well received and we have now standardized and enriched this learning format to make it a core learning component of SAP Learning Hub.

During the month of August we will be making a total of 30 SAP Certification Learning Rooms available to which learners of SAP Learning Hub can subscribe. The new Learning Rooms are open on an ongoing basis which means that you can come in, engage and learn whenever you wish. Instructors will frequently post updates and also invite you to live sessions to which you can register and create a calendar entry in your local email program to be reminded of the start date & time.

As of July 30th, 2014 we have the following Learning Rooms live - stay tuned for more Learning Rooms throughout the month of August.

For a detailed list of planned Learning Rooms please follow this link.

Prerequisites for Successful Participation

Social Learning means learning with and from other learners, so a successful participant requires:

  • Commitment to study the rich self-study materials on SAP Learning Hub as outlined by the instructor in the Learning Room
  • Willingness to actively collaborate and share your knowledge with others
  • Interest in actively building a network with other people

How to Register

Learning Rooms are open to all subscribers of SAP Learning Hub, customer edition and SAP Learning Hub, partner edition:

  • Go to the SAP Training & Certification Shop and purchase a subscription to SAP Learning Hub, customer edition or SAP Learning Hub, partner edition
  • Access SAP Learning Hub and register for one of the abovementioned Learning Rooms
  • You can find all available Learning Rooms in SAP Learning Hub by searching for their name in the course catalogue or you can choose "browse all courses" and select the Learning Room delivery method as shown below. For further details watch this useful demo.

For more details on how to get access to SAP Learning Hub, see also the blog post by SAP Mentor Tom Cenens explaining how to get access to SAP Learning Hub. Please note that the complimentary SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition does not include access to Learning Rooms as this is a benefit of the full subscriptions. 

Happy learning!

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