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Professors and Students:

Last month I announced the launch of the 2013 SAP University App Rumble competition.  Response from students and professors has been amazing!  We've got an outstanding collection of idea for new mobile apps ... if you are still thinking about participating, find a partner and start brainstorming now!  If you have already started the process, make sure to submit the business case and any supporting content you've created.  Complete packages must be submitted by this evening - April 8th, at 8pm PT.

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the preferred medium for news, social media, educational products, and business technology, to name a few.  SAP, our customers and our partners have embraced this opportunity.  At the same time, SAP has transformed its brand through a renewed focus on innovation – as shown through mobility, cloud, and our break-through database SAP HANA – to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing enterprise technology landscape. Today, SAP is one of the world’s strongest brands and is a “cool” place to work because we are now interacting with our customers and younger generations like never before. 

All this is why I am SO EXCITED about this student competition ... it is an outstanding opportunity for students to get engaged in a new way!

I invite students from universities across the United States to team up, use design thinking to create a new mobile application concept and submit your business case (videos and other supporting content is welcome - creativity is encouraged!).  App development experience is not required- we're looking for students with creative ideas for new apps!

Three finalist teams will have the opportunity to build out their app with SAP developers and present it at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando.  Finalists will receive an all-expense paid trip to the event. 

Learn more about the competition by watching the competition launch call or review the launch slides  Download the poster to share.

Visit the SAP University App Rumble site to access the many resources available to help students get started, review the contest rules and register today!  Competition closes on April 8th at 8pm Pacific Time.

I look forward to seeing the student finalist teams at SAPPHIRE NOW


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