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On Friday 24th April I was invited to Laboratoria to present SAP and my work experience.

It was an interesting session, where I got the chance to meet 20+ young women interested to build a future in IT.

Laboratoria is an institution that promotes the development of young women that were not able to access to higher education to learn development skills and allow them to have more opportunities in the job market.

In the ~1hour session, I introduced me as Peruvian IT expert and shared with them how did my professional career evolved. And then I introduced them to SAP, the company, our strategy, and how we impact peoples lives.

It was nice talking with them and sharing with them my perspective on the IT market, the position of women in this sector, and giving them advice on how to face a job interview.

At the end of the meeting, 3 great ladies showed me their last project, where they developed a web page for a new job search engine. I was impressed on the great looks and feel of the site!, the techniques & tools they used to build those pages in such a short time of the assignment.