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Let’s face it. Training is often still an afterthought to a software purchase and implementation project. Training frequently gets addressed when project
budgets have already been allocated elsewhere. Or worse, training and travel budgets are the first to get cut when cost-containment measures are implemented. Geographically distributed teams are the norm among consultants and project teams, making physical, event-based training challenging in many ways.

Putting a traditional project-specific training plan in place too late in the game often creates budget constraints as well as scheduling and availability challenges – eventually leading to project delays and possible project failure. And attempting to use traditional training methods to maintain and develop the knowledge of a globally distributed, highly utilized and competitive SAP implementation workforce – let alone ensuring competitive edge in innovation areas - is not a viable option. In addition, failure to provide an organization’s SAP workforce with access to a year-round enablement solution at its fingertips risks knowledge leakage and atrophy, and limits flexibility in short notice situations.

It’s time to move enablement from an afterthought and put it at the forefront, where it belongs.

Meeting the enablement challenge

Organizations can meet these continuous enablement challenges with new, flexible, and cost-efficient training solutions from SAP Education that can support continuous, anytime and anywhere learning.

Leading the charge on this front is SAP Learning Hub, which gives project teams and the SAP workforce within an organization access to an enablement solution that meets the needs for anytime, anywhere learning in an effective and cost-efficient way.  At SAP Education, we like to think of SAP
Learning Hub as an on-the-go “enablement insurance policy” that provides value to organizations and individuals year-round.

SAP Learning Hub subscriptions can provide companies with: unlimited access to SAP’s training content, including thousands of handbooks and eLearning titles; access to the latest, up to date content as well as to older releases; delivered as a cloud solution with typical benefits like no hardware or software requirements, no content upload or maintenance, flexibility and up to dateness.

How learners are using SAP Learning Hub

There are several ways SAP customers and partners are using SAP Learning Hub within their organizations. In some cases, it’s being used to expand workforce knowledge in an existing area of expertise or even within a new one. For example, a finance expert with SAP ERP Financials expertise may also be able to increase their SAP CRM application knowledge by dipping into the course content available via SAP Learning Hub.

SAP Learning Hub is also helping our customers and partners to remain updated on SAP’s fast moving innovation areas, like mobility and in-memory computing with SAP HANA. Importantly, they are using it to prepare for SAP certification and to train instructors for internal workshops.

Capgemini sees the benefits

Take Capgemini for example: with learners spread across 25 countries, the company is pursuing a “next-generation learning” strategy which aims to concentrate most learning in the form of explorative, informal, and intentional learning such as self-study, team learning, project focused, and “just in time” learning. In the future, Capgemini plans to use formal learning only when critical, with instructor-led training requiring a formal approval. SAP Learning Hub supports this strategy perfectly.

Capgemini has already seen the benefits of the SAP Learning Hub. Its workers have been able to successfully pass SAP certification, allowing them to support successful client project delivery and win additional business. To learn about Capgemini’s SAP Learning Hub story, take a look at this short post with a video featuring Claudia Brack, global SAP community lead with Capgemini: A View on Learning from Capgemini.

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An organization’s business performance depends heavily on it skills levels, and the “insurance” provided by SAP Learning Hub is a great way to preserve and build those SAP skills now and for the future. It’s a logical move to transform a company’s approach to SAP skills development from “one-off” to always on.


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