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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Day two of the SAP InnoJam focused on code. The participants were highly motivated and nearly 60 % of them stayed overnight and did not get sleep at all or just rested for a few minute/ hours on the fatboys. The established sleepshop with sleep gadgets such as sleeping masks, blankets, pillows, ear plugs and slippers was soon “sold out” :smile: . Some of the students were so tired they slept on the floor despite the dazzling light and the noise around them.

In the morning we were treated with a nice sunrise and a delicious breakfast. As last year, the view from the convention center was astonishing.

At around 8:30 a.m. we tried to get their energy level up again with a short warm-up. But I have to admit that our attempt to wake them up failed ;-). They were too tired for any physical activity at that point in time.

Before lunch time the teams were coached individually by the one and only SAP demo guy Ian Kimbell about storytelling and holding elevator pitches to "sell" their applications to the audience/ judges in the best way.

At 3 p.m. the time was up and the final results had to be submitted. They now had time to relax before the final presentation or practice a bit more their pitches. Day 2 ended with the final presentation of all 12 teams. Each team presented their demo during 6 minutes on stage to the judges. They all did a great job and it was definitely not an easy task for the jury to decide the finalists.

After 400 cans of RedBull and 45 litres of coffee, and sleepy eyes the InnoJammers left the venue to get a well-deserved rest/ sleep in the hostel.

On Thursday the SAP InnoJam finale was held at the SAP booth in hall 4. After 2 days shut down in the convention center the finalists were announced live on stage at the big stand to once again present their demos to their peers but also to other CeBIT visitors, SAP employees, customers and partner. The stage was packed and the atmosphere was buzzing. Ian announced the four finalists: Team 8, Team 3, Team 12 and Team 7. One after another presented their application on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Up first was Team 8 with their Smart Campus application that helps students to find a free spot in the library and helps keeping track of books in the library with the help of RFID chips. Then, team 3 showcased their Smart Building app that combines a meeting room booking tool with the functionalities of room conditions such as heating control. Afterwards, team 12 presented their @Home app that controls everything in your home e.g. ordering groceries, cleaning robots, ... Last but not least team 7 was asked to come on stage to present their nutrition application. All 4 teams did an amazing job and held great elevator pitches! Congratulations!

And the winner is...... team 12! A warm round of applaus for Marat Abilov, Bowen Du, Nicolas Goris, Ameera Tag, Joe Thornton and Felix Wolff! They won a team spot for the ucoming SAP InnoJam @ SAP TechEd in Barcelona and will compete with professionals about a DemoJam spot!

In the evening, all InnoJammers joined the SAP booth party to celebrate. A lot of cocktails, beer, partying, singing and dancing filled the night.

Last but not least I want to take the time to thank all our coaches! Without them this event would not have been possible. They supported the students throughout the 32 hours with valuable tips and tricks! Thanks to the Design Thinking Coaches heike.vangeel marion.froehlich karen.detken volker.vonseggern ariane.skutela and the Tech Experts julia.lakatos paul.grill2 rui.nogueira renald.wittwer robert.wetzold christian.heller bjoern.friedmann alexander.graebe! Kudos also go to craig.cmehil and ian.kimbell for coaching the students for their final presentations.

Thanks to all the participants for their great work, enthusiasm and valuable feedback. I hope all InnoJammers had a great week in Hanover and enjoyed the event. I had a fantastic time with you!

With activities like hackathons for students SAP contributes to the European “All You Need is Code” campaign and engages young people across Europe in tech education. The initiative aims to position coding as an entry point to computer science and public sources, and engage a wider group of students.