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During the European Code Week (October 10-18, 2015) SAP d-shop together with SAP University Alliances invites students and high school students to learn and experience the “Internet of Things”.

What is a d-shop?

In SAP d-shop locations, SAP employees have an easy and fun way to tap into the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). They can explore the latest IoT and prototyping technology and create new ideas for applications. For the European Code Week the SAP d-shop in Walldorf opens its doors and invites students and high school students.

Entering the SAP d-shop (developers’ workshop) in Walldorf, Germany, makes you feel like a kid again. Stumbling over a moving telepresence robot built from a repurposed vacuum cleaner, surrounded by drones, Lego bricks, Google Glass goggles, 3D printers, electronics parts, and odd-looking machines, you will probably start wondering if this approach to the Internet of Things is not just a bit too much fun for a serious software company like SAP. A lot of fun – but quite smartly applied and strongly justified by the huge potential of the Internet of Things.

What is the Code Week about?

The “European Code Week” from October 10 to 18 promotes coding skills and digital competencies to young generation all over Europe. The participants can join during the whole week exiting  workshops, hackathons and events on topics like 3D printing, coding of microcontrollers, coding own video games and much more. Last year more than 150.000 young people (kids, high school students, students) participated in the European Code Week.

Program for students and high school students during the EU Code Week.

3D Printing – (Introduction & Modelling)

The participants will learn the topics about 3D printing:
• Basic concepts
• Printing technologies
• Industry related use cases and examples

After introduction the participants start with modeling:
• Modeling in Sketchup or in OpenSCAD
• Slicing (Slic3r, Cura)
• 3D printing

Please bring your own Laptop with the pre-installed Sketchup and/or OpenSCAD ( , (The participants can choose one of the two CAD tools, which they will use for the modelling, but both tools will be introduced). This workshop will be conducted in German and/or English depending on the language skills of the participants.

Monday 12 October: 10:00 – 12:00  3D Printing (Introduction & Modelling) in German/English

Tuesday 13 October: 13:00 – 15:00  3D Printing (Introduction & Modelling) in German/English


Thursday 15 October: 13:00 – 15:00 3D Printing (Introduction & Modelling) in German/English


Arduino Workshop (Basics & Advanced)

Arduino is a small open-source micro controller board that can be programmed from a regular computer. Arduino connects the world of computing to the world of electronics in an easy and inexpensive way. In this workshop you will learn the basics of working with Arduino: what you can do with Arduino, how to install the development environment and the basics of programming in the Arduino language. You will create your first circuit: connect a sensor, make something blink, make something move, and make something beep.

Please bring your laptop, we will provide everything else. You do not need to have any previous experience with electronics to attend this workshop, but we request that you have some experience with programming. You will work in groups of two persons, we will form the pairs at the start of the workshop. This workshop will be in English.


Monday 12 October: 13:00 – 15:00 Arduino Workshop (Basics & Advanced) in English

Thursday 15 October: 10:00 – 12:00  Arduino Workshop (Basics & Advanced) in English

Looking forward meeting you in Walldorf!

SAP d-Shop and SAP University Alliances Team

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