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The first keynote sessions were held today, with Chris Dwyer, Head of Customer Education in the APJ region stepping in to deliver.  If you were unable to attend, you can listen to the keynote session here.

Don't forget to join the conversation in the Innovation Adoption Learning Room today to be able to access future sessions, live demonstrations and more, over 700 people have joined already. Details how to access below.


Hopefully by now you will have heard that SAP Education will be launching a learning room on the SAP Learning Hub platform aimed at helping you adopt innovation within your business.  If you haven’t heard about this, you can read more information in blogs by my colleagues Chris Dwyer and Lejla Seperovic. Alternatively of course you can just read this blog below!

Starting on 27th January with a keynote by Elizabeth Dwyer, Senior Education Consultant, SAP Education will take you through an eight week programme on key topic areas enabling you to adopt innovation within your organisation in 2015.  Elizabeth’s role is to work with customers to develop real enablement programmes to support their solution adoption, maximise the return on their investment and drive business innovation so she is the ideal person to kick off this programme.

In these eight weeks, you will hear directly from SAP Education consultants and experts from around the globe, people who are in the field, delivering innovation to customers today.  You will be able to attend live sessions, watch demonstrations and take part in Q&A sessions.  And as everything is hosted within the SAP Learning Hub platform, you can access the sessions any time you like within the eight week period – so you can still take that ski-ing trip or beach holiday depending where in the world you are – as planned.

Topics covered will be:

  • Week One - keynote overview from Elizabeth Dwyer, setting the scene for the weeks ahead.
  • In Week Two we will look at Communicating Innovation and highlight some of the key tools SAP Education have to help you with this such as SAP Communication Center by ANCILE. We’ll also be looking at the important role of Organisational Change Management
  • Week Three talks about Planning for Innovation, particularly your Strategy and the importance of conducting a Training Needs Analysis before diving into innovation.
  • Preparing Content is the theme of Week Four and here amongst other things, we will show the many benefits of using SAP Workforce Performance Builder to prepare content.
  • Distributing Content is the theme of Week Five.  Having content is great, but if people aren’t consuming it, innovation will not be adopted.
    SAP Education have great tools that will allow you to do this successfully, we’ll talk about learning rooms, SAP Learning Hub and more.
  • Week Six is all about Promoting Adoption and we'll discuss ways of doing this including Gaming and Gamification.  Many people are still wary of this topic and how it really relates to the modern business world.  We’ll demystify this for you in these sessions.
  • Measurement is the theme of Week Seven, if you can't measure - how do you know if you have succeeded?  SAP User Experience Management and SAP Communication Center are just two of the tools we have to help in this area.
  • Finally in Week Eight, we'll discuss what a Model Structure for a Learning Organisation looks like and talk about how SAP Education can help you further with Adopting Innovation in 2015.

In order to access the room, you'll need to be a subscriber to the free discovery edition of SAP Learning Hub. If you're not already a subscriber, then you can do that here .  Once subscribed, simply sign up to the Innovation Adoption learning room.  If you’re unsure how, please follow these short steps.

To keep up to date with what is happening in the room, it would be a good idea to set up Daily email Notifications.  Once in the room, go to the bell icon, then click View All and then finally Edit Notifications.  Look for the Innovation Adoption learning room and click on Daily, you’ll receive a daily digest of all activity within the room.

Once you are in the learning room you will be able to see a schedule of what’s coming up when, there will be live sessions scheduled in both Asia Pacific and European time-zones.  You can of course ask questions within the learning room, but if you have any burning questions, please don’t hesitate to ask below.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Innovation Adoption Learning Room soon.