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SAP Learning Hub together with IBM received the Brandon Hall 2016 Learning and Development Bronze Award in the Category:

Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy

Both partners have been honored with the most prestigious awards program in the industry, the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award, at the annual awards announcement. We are deeply honored to win the coveted award again, after the 2014 Bronze Award as Extended Enterprise Learning Program. Such industry recognition of our achievements is strong validation that SAP Learning Hub is driving real value for our customers and support their business transformation. Enterprises around the world and in many industries realize business value from a learning strategy based on SAP Learning Hub.

What’s the IBM Learning Program based on SAP Learning Hub about?

To keep its cutting edge in consultancy, IBM GBS has to keep its 22,500 consultants specializing in SAP software products on the cutting edge of SAP technology. Not just today, or tomorrow, but every single hour. With a workforce so diverse, widely dispersed, and busy, how could it keep them where they were most needed – at customer sites – while requiring them to keep pace with the latest technology that only kept advancing? Now with SAP Learning Hub, consultants have anytime, anywhere access to training tools and materials, making learning more convenient and less expensive while helping to ensure every IBM GBS project is a success.

IBM, with the help of SAP Learning Hub, was recognized as one of the best organizations that have successfully deployed programs, strategies, modalities, processes, systems, and tools that have achieved measurable results. Some benefits for IBM are for example:

93%      Lower average cost per training interaction (as compared to previous year)

13x       More training activities successfully completed with no increase in cost

93%      Active participation of all subscribers to SAP Learning Hub

"IBM GBS consultants are now maximizing their learning time and minimizing non-value-adding overhead costs and efforts to spend more time with their customers. This means greater value for the customer and for IBM."

Shelia Carter, Learning Officer, IBM Global Business Services

We feel very honored to be chosen out of a large group of leading corporations and that we are part of the winning team together with IBM. For more information about the SAP Learning Hub program at IBM GBS please read the blog post IBM Global Business Services: Increasing Training Activities by 13x with SAP Learning Hub or see the Business Transformation Study.

About Brandon Hall Group

Brandon Hall Group is a HCM research and advisory services firm that provides insights around key performance areas, including Learning and Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition and Workforce Management. Brand Hall Excellence Awards are often called the “Academy Awards” by Learning, Talent and Business Executives, and the program was one of the first of its kind in the learning industry, which was pioneered in 1994.