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As sales enablement professional you might have the following three strategic imperatives in mind when building your learning program for the field: improve you field’s selling performance, enable your sales force in new, innovative product or services areas, and support increasing sales numbers. In the past, we have been relying very much on traditional learning methods such as classroom training or e-learning. However, more and more sales enablement professionals go beyond these traditional ways and try to incorporate the “social” factor into their activities.


Social Learning is actually pretty much know within corporate learning organizations. However, sometimes they are too much looking into how social media channels can support this move. At the end, Social Learning is much more than just connecting people through a virtual, social media platform. It is more extending on the context of peer-to-pee learning and engaging everyone within a certain group by sharing, developing and commenting learning content, experiences and Best Practices. It also gives colleagues the opportunity to expand their own professional network.


Following some examples of Social Learning “platforms”:

  • Communities of Practice (CoP): Engage colleagues on an open platform to share their Best Practices and questions around our solution portfolio, sales and selling methodologies, etc.
  • Virtual Peer-to-Peer Learning Sessions: Showcase Best Practices in regular virtual sessions which provide value to colleagues.
  • Social Contributor of the Month (Gamification): Make top influencers and contributors shine and incentivize engagement and commitment.
  • Monthly Virtual Chat Sessions: Engage colleagues in informal chat sessions on a certain topic, and giving them the opportunity to request ad-hoc support from experts.