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Increase your SAP HANA modeling knowledge in class.  Then, fine-tune your modeling skills with five days of hands-on access to the data sets in our HA360 training system.  Sign up now and receive a 10% discount on SAP HANA courses scheduled through the end of 2013 (applies to SAP Education North America virtual or traditional classroom offerings only).

This blog originally appeared as an article in the SAP Education Solutions e-magazine.  It was written by Jo Ann Swartek, a Senior Education Consultant for SAP Education specializing in SAP HANA, SAP Business Warehouse, and SAP BusinessObjects.  To see the HA360 course description or register for a class, use one of these links: in the U.S., and in Canada.

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If you’ve completed the foundation training and have experience building SAP HANA models, SAP Education is offering a new advanced course for SAP HANA modelers and developers that might interest you.

SAP HANA – Hands-on Lab (HA360) is a two-day, instructor-led class followed by five days of access to the training system that provides valuable, hands-on SAP HANA modeling experience with large data sets. HA360 was introduced earlier this year and feedback has been very positive. One of the reasons is the innovative approach to training, where each participant has control of the direction and depth of their learning. After an initial two-day instructor-led session, you set the schedule and work at your own pace. If you have questions, you can reach a support expert (or your fellow classmates) via our social collaboration tools.

Additionally, I’m sure those of you who have been waiting anxiously for SAP HANA Service Pack 6 (SPS06) training will be happy to know that we’ve rolled out the SPS06 HANA courses, including an SPS06 version of HA360.

Broaden your SAP HANA skills

With HA360, you can broaden the skills you acquired in HA100 and HA300 (or the e-learning equivalents, HA100E and HA300E). HA300, SAP HANA - Implementation and Modeling, is the foundation course for SAP HANA modeling and a prerequisite for HA360.

The first two days of HA360 are instructor-led delivered virtually or in the classroom, with formal course materials, demonstrations and exercises. After that, you’ll have remote access to the SAP HANA training server for five days, giving you the freedom to set your own agenda! You can fine-tune your skills by focusing on specific topics that interest you, or you can revisit areas where you need practice.  Additionally, you can explore new topics and features to gain a wider understanding of SAP HANA.

If you have questions during the five-day access period, you can contact the support team using the SAP StreamWork application, a real-time collaboration tool from SAP.  With this application, you can post questions and ask for support. You can also communicate with other members of the class, for example to compare notes about a challenging class exercise. It’s a true social learning experience!

The five days of system access offers you another precious advantage: Flexibility. As an instructor, I’ve seen first-hand how participants get pulled away from class because of unexpected business or personal events. These distractions – even if they last a short time -- can make it difficult to complete class lessons and exercises.  With HA360, this is not a problem. Any exercise you can’t complete during the first two-day instructor-led session, you can complete during the five days of system access.

A robust training landscape at your fingertips

HA360 gives you access to an SAP HANA server that contains database schemas with tables that have more than 40 million records.  These very large tables and many practical exercises give you a realistic environment to explore the many performance advantages of SAP HANA’s in-memory database.

Additionally, the training landscape includes the SAP HANA Studio, the SAP HANA client, and the UI Toolkit and SAP Lumira for information access. It also has XS Engine, which was introduced in SPS04 and is a full-featured application server, web server, and development environment for native SAP HANA applications. The XS Engine, complete with Internet Communication Manager (ICM), is embedded in the SAP HANA appliance.

The SAP HANA landscape for HA360 is available through Amazon Web Service (AWS). Each learner has their own separate IP address, and they connect to the database as a SYSTEM user, giving them high-level authorization.

Reviews for this class have been very positive, and with the introduction of SPS06, classes will be more popular than ever. To see a course description or sign up from the SAP Training and Certification Shop, use one of these links: in the U.S., and in Canada.

Sign up now and receive a 10% discount!

SAP Education in North America is offering a 10% discount on all remaining 2013 public SAP HANA and Mobility courses (virtual or traditional classroom). To receive the discount for this course:


1. Go to the SAP Training and Certification Shop using one of these links: in the U.S., and in Canada.

2.  Log in, and make sure you have the S-User ID that is assigned to your account available.
     If you need help, please call our Customer Information Center at 1-888-777-1727.

3.  To receive the discount, use the promotion code 13HAMOB10-INST when you register.

*Conditions apply.  Click here for details (select U.S. or Canada as appropriate).  Class must be completed by December 31, 2013.

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