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On February 24, 2015 the project coordinators and some lecturers of the University of Zambia together with the ESEFA project manager Patrick Wirz (OVGU Magdeburg) visited the partner company Zambikes in Lusaka. The project managers discussed with Tiki Mambwe (Zambikes Sales Manager) and Paul Mulenga (Zambikes International Marketing & Sales Manager) about the further development of the common partnership and took the opportunity to visit the factory site and the sales office. The positive feedback from the students, particularly with respect to the very practice-oriented curriculum, enabled through the intensive work with Zambikes, was highlighted by the project leaders of the partner universities. By partnering with Zambikes not only a local company for cooperation was found, but also a realistic model company, on the basis of which a practice-oriented curricula could be designed. Zambikes appreciates that cooperation being part of the ESEFA network, as the feedback according to the ESEFA courses and the academic expertise of the faculty can be profitable for the optimization of its operations and business processes.

Visit of the partner company Zambikes (from left to right):

Mr David Zulu (UNZA lecturer Computer Studies), Dr Jackson Phiri (UNZA HOD Computer Studies / ESEFA co-ordinator), Mr Patrick Wirz (OVGU), Mr Tiki Mambwe (Zambikes sales manager), Mr Paul Mulenga (Zambikes international marketing & sales manager), Mr Selvas Mwanza (UNZA lecturer Computer Studies)