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Johannesburg, South Africa

According to Peter Sondergaard, SVP, Head of Research at Gartner, Inc., more than four million new jobs will be created in the next three years due to Big Data alone. Businesses want to put their enterprise data to better use, but they need employees with Big Data expertise to do so. To manage these huge volumes of data, experts must not only know how to use the right analytic tools, but also be able to judge the relevance of the data. Gartner sees this as one of the most important growth markets in the IT industry today.

As SAP HANA catches the interest of customers, partners and the academic world, it is a strategic imperative to launch the SAP HANA @ University Alliances initiative. In-Memory Computing and specifically SAP HANA are transforming the way we perform analytics. In addition to speed, SAP HANA represents instant access to accurate business information that previously required lengthy programming efforts. The SAP University Alliances (UA) team wants professors, lecturers and students to be exposed to the benefits of SAP HANA.

The first SAP HANA curriculum for use in UA classrooms is being developed within our global SAP HANA @ UA initiative. The course contains knowledge about more than one SAP product. We cover the end-to-end scenario from the data source, via data replication into the SAP HANA database, through modeling and the graphical representation of the data in analytics dashboards.  Access our unique learnings: SAP HANA@ UA webinar series.

SAP University Alliances (UA) programme has joined forces with our colleagues at the SAP HANA Enterprise Application Platform to become part of an exciting new initiative, a series of Big Data Startup Forum events worldwide.

We are reaching out to universities and students in Africa to be part of our regional SAP Big Data start-up Forum which will take place at SAP Head Offices, Woodmead, Johannesburg on 30 January 2013.

The SAP Big Data HANA Start UP forum is a unique opportunity for your students to become involved in “real-world innovation” at SAP while gaining practical experience in big data startup activities, working alongside industry role players.

We are hereby inviting you and up to four of your high-potential students to this unique event.

By attending the SAP Big Data HANA forum your students will be able to:

  • Partner with an emerging Start-Up, thus allowing them to gain experience in new big data development projects, subject to a ‘matching and placement’  process;
  • Develop their own innovations and be part of its commercialisation,
  • Participate in the unique 2 day Development Accelerator program training programme later in the year;
  • Gain knowledge of the SAP innovation cycle and ecosystem

By joining the SAP University Alliances (UA), your students will have an unique opportunity to be part of the ‘new generation influencers’ in SAP Big Data. In this regard, you are encouraged to participate in SAP Big Data forum to be held in Johannesburg on 30 January 2013.

For  information and registration, please visit the following website:

For further details please contact Ashraf Patel, SAP University Alliances Africa on: