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Learning Experience is one of the most exciting and important topics within the SAP learning organization. Hence, Thomas Jenewein and Christoph Haffner are very happy to have Rudyard Hopkins in this episode of Education NewsCast!


To skill people up to reach their potentials!

Rudyard is a graduate of instructional design and has been working as a UX designer and product manager for the past four years in the edtech SaaS industry now. In his current function, Rudyard is responsible for the content creation process, bringing together experiences and delivering high quality content in an efficient manner.


Key factors of a good learning experience

There are quite a few educational products that may lead to a good learning experience.

But for the best learning experience, it must be designed to the specific learner. If a learner does not understand how to apply things and if there is no connection to the job or the personal life, the content will become useless.  Question, whether the content is really relevant or what use you can make out of the content.

Tips for companies – how to improve the learning experience offering

There is no silver bullet, but certainly at least key principles that can be considered in order to improve learning offerings.

  • The outcome driven approach: The learner needs to know what he is going to learn and must be convinced that the course will improve his skills.

  • Activation of prior knowledge: Learning Experience is most effective if the prior knowledge is connected to the new knowledge. Find out, where people need to start their journey, e.g. through pre-assessments.

  • Cognitive task analysis: Similar to instructional learning, where you have physical tasks, this approach focusses on transmitting cognitive steps to learners which you process unintentionally as an experienced person. This approach is about understanding and teaching each cognitive step.

  • Deliberate practice: in most cases a certain amount of time must be spent with full attention!

A good example: VSchool bootcamp

Bootcamps focus on intensively delivering knowledge in a short span of time. The VSchool in Utah, USA is specialized on veterans and immigrants and offers a jump start into lucrative professions in the tech industry.

With responsive learning, the VSchool has created a new approach of learning experience, where the participants receive a 12-week training of basic skills followed by a practical phase where they can apply their skills. The approach also allows participants to define the time they require by themselves, which defeats the learning’s most dangerous enemy – the time.


Further Sources

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