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SAP CSR and SAP University Alliances India joined forces along with many colleagues from SAP Labs India and organized a 2 day Digital Literacy Programme for 23 teachers from HOPE Foundation which serves to support education for under privileged children. The programme was structured to include workshops on Internet of Things, Design Thinking and SAP Lumira over a period of 2 days.

Objectives of the Initiative is to create future workforce relevant for Digital India and Hyper-connected Asia. This workshop is the first in the series, which plans to train around 100-150 trainers and youths of our NGO partners on SAP BusinessOne, Lumria, IOT and application of Design Thinking methodology. The Initiative, further, aims to train youth on HTML5, Coding, SAP Lumira, and IoT.

Gunjan Patel, Head of SAP CSR India started off the programme by welcoming the teachers and setting the agenda for both the days. The workshop on Internet of Things was delivered by colleagues Manu DK and Jaideep Rao via a beautiful presentation named “Minds Open Now”. The 2nd part of this workshop included “Introduction to Arduino” where the professors understood how they can use this as part of the learning syllabus for their students. The day was concluded by a session on Design Thinking and how the teachers can use the concepts and philosophies to enhance the learning. The DT session was delivered by Chiranjeev from SAP University Alliances.

The 2nd day was dedicated for a day long workshop on SAP Lumira imparting the knowledge of analytics to the teachers. The teachers learnt intently and explored various charts and scenarios. This workshop was delivered by Sai Prakash.

We also shared the contents for these subjects for the teachers to practice and subsequently to teach to the students.

We would like to thank Shilpa for efficiently spearheading the entire programme and bringing the teachers and the SAP Labs colleagues together. We would also like to thanks all the speakers/ colleagues - Manu, Jaideep, Vidya, Shilpa and Vinay for making these 2 days very enriching and fruitful and we hope to get their continual support in the future.