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Richard Jang from University Alliances (UA) Korea, together with 9 students from the Design Thinking Community (DTC) hosted 20 students from 14 Universities on 3 September, a Saturday!  One of the DTC members with Richard took the role as the main facilitators with the rest of the 8 DTC members as table facilitators.  Participants were interested in Design Thinking, pursue innovation, creative confidence, and broaden their thoughts.  They were divided into 6 groups.

The workshop's main goal was to have students learn Design Thinking and experience certain topics.  There were 4 main topics which the participants for them to experience Design Thinking and they were:

  • Enhancing mentor and mentee relationship
  • Enhancing public transportation experience
  • Enhancing lecture applying program experience
  • Enhancing university application experience

The program details were as follows:

Participants built rapport through ice breaking and team activities - Ta-dah and I see you.

Junie, workshop director of DTC, presented an overview on Design Thinking

Students practised Design Thinking step by step with the help of table facilitators.  They struggled at first adjusting with unfamiliar process, but soon they became comfortable sharing their ideas without judging, and making prototypes with inexpensive materials.

The workshop ended with I Like/I Wish session.  We gathered their likes and wishes for improving the next Design Thinking workshop for university students.

These were the prototyping materials, lunch boxes and snacks which were prepared for the participants.

The students expressed that they had a wonderful experience for first touch with Design Thinking method.  One third of the students showed their interests to continue to participate in future workshops and events. 

Richard Jang

UA Korea Intern