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Product and Topic Expert
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At openSAP we’re continuously working to enhance our  course offerings, not only with the latest topics, but also with the latest technology. In September, we rolled out a system update which now allows users to create discussions on video pages and rate users’ comments, amongst other features.

To test new features, during our course Introduction to SAP Fiori UX, we tested peer assessment and crowdsourcing to benefit our users. With Massive Open Online Courses it is impossible for course instructors and experts to review and grade all of the content submitted as there is no limit to the number of participants or submissions. The SAP Fiori UX Design Challenge invited participants of the course to design and submit their own ideas on how SAP Fiori UX can make an existing business scenario a more delightful and simple experience. Participants were then required to review, grade, and provide feedback on at least three peers’ work.

Most of us have experienced peer assessments in high school and university, where peers swap their work and rate it accordingly. It is a natural step in the classroom environment, so why not in the virtual Enterprise MOOC environment too? Learners who chose to participate in the design challenge were required to review at least three peers’ submissions and provide their feedback. Assessment criteria included creativity, simplicity, and delightfulness. Reviewers could grade their peers based on the quality of other submissions which they also reviewed and could earn bonus points for providing constructive feedback. This encouraged reviewers to give honest and helpful feedback to peers and to think about their grading carefully.

The submissions received were of a high standard with lots of time and effort invested into the challenge by all participants. Once the peer assessments were complete, the SAP experts reviewed those that received the highest ratings to decide the winners.

Congratulations to the three overall winners, who are all awaiting their brand new iPad Air 2 to be delivered to their doors very soon!

By introducing this new peer assessment feature, participants are not only learning content, discussing with peers and experts, and developing on a system environment alone – they can now get feedback from peers with a select number receiving feedback directly from SAP experts. Our Enterprise MOOCs are moving closer to classroom training experience and we’re very excited! With 2014 drawing to a close and new courses for 2015 in preparation, what enhancements will the next year bring to openSAP? Stay tuned to find out!