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SAP recently announced a transition towards role-based certifications and here in the SAP Customer Experience domain, we are thrilled to be a part of this journey. Transitioning to a role-based certification will help you to acquire skills and product knowledge to aid your career progression and ensure that you have exactly what you need to shine in your role.

Firstly, it is important to understand why SAP is making such a shift. One of the main reasons for the transition is to enable individuals to focus on acquiring skill sets and knowledge required to perform a job/role rather than just product functions. Some role based certifications have already been introduced such as the SAP Certified Professional - SAP Enterprise Architect and from 2nd April, we are proud to announce that the SAP Customer Experience Certifications will follow suit and be role based certifications.

As part of the SAP Customer Experience certification portfolio, we are pleased to release the following role-based certifications:

Which certification should I choose?

Based on the role that you are expected to perform on a project, you should correspondingly complete the relevant certification.

  • Identify the role that you expect to perform i.e. your consulting role that you want to perform as part of your career.
  • Learn the skills and knowledge required to excel in your role with tailored learning resources for SAP Customer Experience solutions on the SAP CX Learning Site.
  • Take the role-based certification exam corresponding to your chosen role.
  • Keep your certification and skills valid by completing yearly assessments to Stay Certified.





Business/technical owner of the entire solution that is being implemented by a customer.

Implementation Consultant

Implementation consultants use their combined product and domain knowledge to help customers implement SAP solutions.

Integration Consultant

Experts in understanding data sharing requirements along with necessary integration knowledge to connect to SAP and third-party solutions.


Experts in developing within the SAP ecosystem in line with clean-core approach.

System Administrator

Responsible for the daily operation of an SAP application.

Business User

Works on the SAP application as an end user.


How will the change affect me?

Learners can still prepare for certifications and get certified the same was as in the past. Learners can access all relevant learning resources on the SAP Learning Site to build the latest SAP Customer Experience solutions skills. With a subscription to SAP Learning Hub, learners get access to additional guided learning resources to prepare for certifications, access to four SAP Certification exam attemps and all the enablement materials and assessments to stay certified.

If you have any further questions, please also take a look at our certification requirements page here

Stay tuned for further updates and please do not hesitate to share your feedback or questions that you may have.


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Hi, thank you for this valuable information.

I'm a SAP Emarsys certified consultants (since 2022 -, but I was checking in SAP Learning > My Certifications, and I can't find my certification.

Could you please guide me on ¿How should I proceed to keep my consultant certified status?



Juan Cabrera

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Hi @juanescab 

You may have completed your certification with a different user iD to the one that is the primary one in your account. Make sure you have all your accounts linked in the SAP universal ID. Here is a helpful video to help you with that

Hopefully that will get it resolved for you 🙂