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Update: Show Congratulations to SAP student Team Airie who has just made it to the Global top 25 for the Peoples' choice award at the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2016 -- Leveraging SAP to implement their solution! You have 5 days left to see their 30 second presentation and the others and vote for team you think is best.

You can vote once per day for the next 5 days!

You can see and vote for team Airie's presentation here:

You can see and vote (if you'd like) all the nominees here:

SAP University Alliances Teamed with NASA Space Apps Challenge 200 locations globally and with a strong presence in Silicon Valley April 22-24. Thanks to Hinnerk Gildhoff and Sascha Zorn 100 Students & Professionals in Silicon Valley received or used SAP HANA, OPENUI5, SAP Cloud for Analytics, SAPHCP and other technologies to build SpaceApps for NASA, hosted by SAP University Alliances and Newman's Business Accelerator at SAP Successfactors.

2 Early Talent Teams EarthCare & Airie are in the Global NASA Competition continuing this week.

Click to see their 30 second pitch and presentations.

These Silicon Valley teams, comprised of students, interns, and professionals using SAP technology won the privilege to compete in the NASA Global competition for Best Use of Data and People's Choice Award respectively. Additionally, SAP University Alliances teamed up with NASA to drive engagement among our global academic innovation network in the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2016. Faculty and students from across our global network of 2,700+educational institutions  participated including in Germany, India, Nigeria, South Africa, UK, US, Peru, Columbia, Turkey and other locations. In addition, SAP University Alliances is sponsored the first Silicon Valley location for the NASA Space Apps Challenge at SAP SuccessFactors in South San Francisco, California.

As one of the world's largest international annual hackathons, the 48-hour event inspires teamwork for positive change across every skill level and discipline.

Participants became part of NASA's Open Innovation Initiative, a global community where big ideas are shaped using data visualizations, hardware, code, design and more. The opening was Friday evening April 22 and features SAP and industry presentations to inspire participants and prepare them for the main hackathon April 22-24.

In other News:

Sports in Space? Yes - Daniel Faber, CEO of Deep Space Industries challenged the group with visions of a future with a full range of Space industries - asteroid mining and zero gravity recreation among those!

I naturally took interest in the teamthat was developing the sport of Space Pong (view the 360 degree video action) Based on the Bigelow Inflatable Space Station Concept.