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We are almost there: It is time again for the SAP InnoJam at CeBIT 2014!

After we had the cool and awesome event earlier this year at the CeBIT with over 100 students from countries all over the world, we will present again the SAP InnoJam in 2014. We will come up with new challenges, new topics and latest SAP technologies.

What is missing, are motivated students from all over the world, who will participate in the amazing event and get some unforgettable experiences. The InnoJam will take place from the 11.3.14 until 12.3.14 in Deutsche Messe Messegelände 30521 Hannover (Germany). We will provide the students free accommodation from the 10.3.14 to 14.4.13.

Short agenda:

Monday (10.3.14): Arrival of students

Tuesday/Wednesday (11.3.14 - 12.3.14): SAP InnoJam

Thursday (13.3.14): Presentation of results

Friday (14.3.14): Departure of students

“I loved every moment of this event!!! “     

Gabriel Nhinda

Participant of SAP InnoJam CeBIT 2013

One of the leading themes of CeBIT and the InnoJam is “Datability”, focusing on “Big Data” in conjunction with sustainability and responsibility.

The aim of the InnoJam CeBIT 2014 is to introduce latest SAP Technologies (SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAPUI5) from a different angle to students. We would like the students to perceive SAP as a company that promotes innovation in all types of areas. This particular InnoJam experience will allow the students to use their imagination and showcase their creativity at the top German IT conference: CeBIT. During the week of CeBIT in March 2014, 100 university students from all over the world will compete to find out who can build the best working solution in about 30 hours of Design Thinking and Coding. The students will be supported by SAP mentors and SAP experts. First they will have to understand and decide WHAT they want to build. Then they have to find out HOW to build it followed by actually implementing their idea. The final product will not be software that was developed just because they can, but it was designed with a purpose in mind.

"The InnoJam was so much Fun! Especially the Design Thinking Part was very inspiring. Meeting so many People from all over the World was a Great experience!"

Sarah Träutlein


Participant of SAP InnoJam CeBIT 2013

The application phase will be from 15.11.13 to 15.01.14. We are looking forward for registrations from enthusiastic students! Applications should contain a motivation letter (under half a page) and the CV.

Applications with the title "Application SAP InnoJam CeBIT 2014" can be send to:

Please check the wiki for further application information:

It is recommended that the students have knowledge about SAP HANA Cloud Platform: