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On 17 December 2015, 9 professors from all around Korea has attended 4 and a half hour of Train-The-Trainer workshop at SAP Korea. Professor Seungkoo kang at Myuongji University delivered a lecture about ERP and hosted a ERPsim game. The session was prepared by former University Alliances member, Helen Cho, current University Alliances member Richard Jang, and Jaeyeon Yoo, Seon-oh Kwon, and Sugyeong Shin from Education department.

The session was made of three parts. ERP lecture, ERPsim game, and lecture about "ERP and getting a job", and Crispian, head of University Alliances APJ shared his welcoming with presentation about University Alliances Program. 9 professors were deeply focused during the whole session, and showed their interest about University Alliances Program.

One of the professors showed their interest about S/4 HANA curriculum and license usage in the University Alliances Program, and Crispian was happy to answer that University Alliances Program is preparing the course of HANA, and soon be ready to be shown to universities in UAP.

ERPsim is mainly used as one of the tools of ERP lecture here in Korea. Three of our SAP personnel(including me) participated in the ERPsim game. We were impressed how sophisticated and fascinating tool this is, and envious to students those who have opportunity to take this lecture. Professors enjoyed playing ERPsim game even though most of them were first to this ERPsim game. They say they could easily show their students how ERP system works through this interesting game-like method.

This TTT session was more than just a one-sided ERP lecture. It was precious time to make more personal connections among professors, time to introduce University Alliances in Korea to various professors from many Universities who didn't know about the UAP.