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On 21st April, one group of students from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics visited SAP Labs China and met with the colleagues from P&I LoB Finance, the students are in differenet majors, part of them are from Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation, one SAP customer company. Their common background is that they have studied financial related courses at university since SUFE is the oldest financial university in China, also top-ranked on Applied Economics and Management Science discipline.


Early April, Prof. He of Information Management and Engineering School, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics contacted Jessie You, Development Manager of P&I LoB Finance to express their students' wish to visit SAP office, and meet with their alumni working in SAP. Then Jessie approached to Josie from University Alliances for help and support, and together scheduled a visiting plan for this group.

After their arrival, the visitors were shown around the working space of SAP Labs China at first with Josie to know more about our corporate culture.

And then, we came to office for the main part of the visit. Benny from UA gave an overview introduction of SAP and the product portfolio to the students and customers, as a following of the product topic, 3 colleagues from P&I showed the Financial solution of SAP. They are: Jessica Jia, P&I LoB Finance; Lindsay Wang, P&I LoB Finance GRC-eGRC; Derek Yang, P&I LoB Finance GRC-GTC.

At the end, also the most important segment of this visit is the sharing session from senior SUFE alumni at SAP, UA invited Jessie You, Development Manager and Andrei Li, Product Expert of P&I LoB Finance to talk to their juniors and our visitors from customer company, to share their experience after graduation from SUFE, and how they joined SAP, such a software company without any technical background, and how they look at their choices after working in SAP exceeding 10+ years. The whole day is really inspiring and informative to the students who get lost before they move to another arena of their life.