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Recently, 2 of our Accounts Executives were featured in Nanyang Technological University (NTU)'s CareerTrack magazine 2015.

Catherine Ren and King Liang share their experience of working in SAP and how the Sales Academy has helped them. Read all about it below.


Why did you choose SAP?

Catherine: I chose SAP because of the training program that it offers. While searching for a job, I was very clear that I wanted to work in a company that invests in their people and helps them grow. For a fresh graduate, there was a huge gap between what we had learnt in textbooks and the real world. Moreover, I always wanted to work in the IT industry as it is dynamic and always innovating.

Tell us more about the SAP Academy program and how it has impacted you?

King Liang: The SAP Academy consists of six months of hands-on training,shadowing and mentoring by a senior, interspersed with three months of classroom training in California. The classroom training with colleagues of 48 nationalities allowed me to gain a global perspective and understand the nuances of different business cultures. With my mentor, I was given the opportunity to immerse myself in customer engagements. She was involved in every step of my learning journey and was able to balance my classroom training with real-life experience and perspectives.

What inspires you most about your work now?

Catherine: It must be the interactions I have with the senior C-level executives from companies of all sizes. As successful professionals, their global and visionary ideas broaden my horizon and make me see things differently.

What experiences at SAP were the most meaningful?

King Liang: I had a huge “a-ha” moment while working on my mentor’s sales opportunity. We were exploring with our customer on how our technology can enable their business to run better. I realised then that whatever improvements by this company would have a direct impact my own experience as their customer.

What do you think people might not realise about SAP?

King Liang: Some of my peers still think of SAP as the accounting software company. I am proud to say that SAP has ventured into new market categories such

as analytics cloud and mobility that is our fastest growing segment. Working at SAP has allowed me the opportunity to try the latest technologies, such as showcasing how Google Glass can be used and integrated back to our core software.

How do you think your work creates a positive impact for other people?

King Liang: I believe a huge part of our work is solving problems for customers with technology. This has greatly enhanced the experience not just for SAP employees but also the customers they serve. Through enabling organisations with our technology, everyone at SAP plays a significant part in helping the world run better.