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A group of students from one of the UA member school in Southeast Asia, Rangsit University of Thailand, paid their first visit to SAP Labs China in Shanghai on June 2nd. Total 12 students were accompanied by 2 faculties to spend 2.5 hours in Shanghai Labs. The students are from all grades of varies majors, including Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) program which emphasis on SAP, and IT, Creative Media Technology (CMT), and Computer Game Multimedia (CGM). Majority of these students have a basic understanding of what SAP does. The group visited Shanghai Labs first and then learned more in details in meeting room by the introduction with slides by Benny Sun, Program Manager of UA China. The introduction consist of SAP profile, SAP China history, strategy, development progress and talent needs. The contents were attractive to all the students, and they raised many questions in the Q&A session in the end. Lastly, all of the visitors took group pictures at the entrance of Labs Shanghai and left memories of this wonderful afternoon.