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It is with a great pleasure to share that we successfully held 2014 Engineering Education Festival jointly with 74 national wide universities(under Korea Engineering Education Council) for HANA Start-up Idea Competition final rounding on Nov. 28 and Design Thinking Zone on Nov. 27~ 28. This huge event which is participated over 20,000 students, professors, and University stakeholders just like government agency, is one of the HANA popularization projects and seeding programs as a database leader in Korea market. In addition to SAP Korea is to contribute to future engineering talent by the design thinking methodology in Korea education market by operated 2 days design Thinking Zone. Eventually 107 innovative proposals have been collected for human happiness and social worth across 74 national wide universities, and the 8 selected teams delivered the final speech on the final rounding contest which was the main event of 2014 Engineering Education Festival where more than 20,000University students visit on November 28.

We are capturing the highlights and key milestones of the event for your
reference since August 2014 :

  1. 6 Territory seminars kick off across the country(Seoul, Busan, DaeGu,
    JeonJu, KyeongGi, …)
    :+500 students were touched by SAP
    technology driven Industrial 4.0 message
  2. 107 proposals submission: the proposals were designed to resolve individual,
    business and social issues from a humanistic perspective from 74 nationwide
  3. 1st rounding screening : 24 teams across the country were selected according to the
    following standards; desirability, feasibility, viability and value of the social
    contributions, by 6 nominated judges who are professors, d Korea foundation
    representative and SAP experts.
  4. Design Thinking JAM on Oct. 25, 26 : Day 1 is delivered design thinking
    workshop including basic lecture, marshmallow challenge, problem finding with
    empathy, problem define and ideation with 24 SAP Innovators. Day 2 is
    progressed 3 min elevator speeches by whole 24 teams also those speeches are
    evaluated by 1:1 feedback just like TV commercials, K-pop stars.
  5. 24 SAP Innovators : They are applied by voluntary across the various LoB,
    such as sales, presales, service and marketing, will consult and do 1:1 mentoring based on SAP technology knowledge
    from the beginning to the finals.
  6. 1:1 Mentoring with SAP Innovators : After 1:1 mentor & mentee matching, each team
    have developed from the initial idea to the feasible and viable idea for
    startup. They have a F2F meeting and have incessantly communicated by
    telephone, e-mail even SNS communication for 3 weeks.
  7. 2014 Engineering Education Festival: 2014 Engineering Education Festival
    which will be held on November 27th and 28th in KINTEX hosted by The Ministry of Education and sponsored by
    The Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology and Korea Association for Innovative Engineering Education


-     Design Thinking Zone : 200+ engineering college students attended the Design Thinking Workshop managed by SAP facilitators during Nov.
27th ~28th. All attendees have opportunity to experience the “Empathy” through user testing process by making a prototyping after Design Thinking overview session delivery.

-     The Software Start-up Idea Competition Final speech to Share Happiness: +1,000 audiences participated in this final speech on Nov 28th, which was the main event of 2014 Engineering Education Festival, and 6 renowned judges, and 200 audience evaluation group made a selection for the final winner.

  • 1st winner team: The change processing systems by UlSan University
  • 2nd winner team: The Inter-hospital emergency information exchange system by JeonBuk University
  • 3rd winner team: Eye tracking technology to apply the ALS(Amyotrophic
    Lateral Sclerosis
    ) UI on Smart Device by GongJu University


We would like to extend a warm thank you to the leadership team & all 24 SAP Innovators –WonJoon Hyoung, Christopher Han, Teddy Song(as a Design Thinking FT leader), Kimberly Kim (as Project PM) and all Korean colleagues (Sales, Presales, Service, GPO, GCA, Education, Marketing colleagues)