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On May 22-23, CSUA organized an Automobile Conference in Hangzhou. As usual, the conference is also opened to UA professors. 5 professors from 5 universities applied to attend this conference. The 5 universities are: Zhejiang University; Shanghai University of International Business and Economics; Shanghai second polytechnic university; Shanghai Ocean University and Suzhou Industrial Park Institute of Services Outsourcing.

The conference host in Geely, the leading China local Automobile Manufacturer. After the warm welcome speech from Geely, experts from different companies shared topics on market trends, specific solutions and successful stories around automobile industry. In the afternoon, the conference was divided into two section at first. One focus on manufacturing management and another focus on marketing and sales. In each of the section, experts from SAP demonstrated key solutions towards the challenges companies are facing respectively. The conference was back to the high-end panel after the afternoon tea-break, professionals from the auto industry shared their thoughts and forecast on the topic of future IT of automobile. Followed by the establishment of Expert Committee, Automobile Sub-group, which indicates another milestone of  CSUA. On 23rd, all the attendees visited Alibaba Group and Geely Group to get more insights of leading company of internet and automobile.