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According to influential industry analyst Josh Greenbaum:

“Top notch training and education is probably the single best guarantee of delivering long-term value to a customer, and SAP has some impressive, and impressively under-appreciated education assets.”

These were just a few of the words Josh offered up to his readers in a blog post filed on the heels of SAP’s annual Field Kick-Off Meeting, a series of events held each January aimed at giving SAP’s sales force the latest insights on the company’s key offerings so they can convey the value of SAP solutions in their customer engagements.

Josh has a great deal more to offer up to the SAP sales force, but he leads with a clear suggested call to action: "Sell the Value of Training & Education". You can read the full blog post on the Enterprise Applications Consulting site: The New Year in SAP-land: Selling Customer Success (Part I).