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Did you know that China has been a world power for most of its history? How prevalent do you think is the communist doctrine in modern China? Are the people and managers in China rather long-term or short-term oriented? What are SAP’s plans with this market? The upcoming 4th issue of the "360° - The Business Transformation Journal" is entirely dedicated to the topic “How China transforms (the world)“.

The 4th edition of BTA’s “360° – the Business Transformation Journal“ is now available! This special issue is all about China, how China changes itself and how this country transforms the world.

Access the brand new issue 4 (also for iPad) today!

As usual, our journal strives to provide a holistic 360° view: Several perspectives are discussed, like China’s political environment, its economic trends and the cultural influences. Furthermore, you will find interesting case studies and interviews giving first-hand recommendations how to do business in and with China.

To make it more convenient, now all the articles in the Journal can be found on under the blog section. Here are some highlights you can find there:

Enjoy discovering China – every minute invested in reading about this rising power will most probably pay off one day!

Your BTA-Team

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