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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

You may have noticed that we changed the name of the learning journey Get Started with ABAP Development on SAP BTP on SAP Learning.
The new name is now Acquire Core ABAP Skills.  There are two important reasons for this change:

  1. Content not limited to SAP BTP, ABAP Environment 
    With the announcement of  ABAP Cloud  it became clear that this learning journey is not limited to one platform. It teaches you the core ABAP skills for any platform, be it SAP BTP, ABAP environment (aka "Steampunk"), ABAP platform Cloud (aka "Embedded Steampunk"), or the classic ABAP platform used in private cloud and on premise installations.

    Of course, in this learning journey, we do not talk about the classical ABAP tools, techniques and language features which are not supported in the cloud world, but which are still available in private cloud and on premise systems. This means, that if you are going to do ABAP programming on the classic ABAP platform, there might be much more for you to learn. But the important thing is: Everything that is available in the cloud is also available on the classic ABAP platform and customers are encouraged to use the new approach and to keep the use of classical techniques to a minimum. Doing so, they will keep their core clean and develop cloud ready applications.

  2. Extended Content
    We decided that in the future this learning journey will not just get you started with ABAP programming. We will extend it gradually to cover the fundamental skills of ABAP programming -- eventually leading up to an ABAP core certification. Once completed, the learning journey will consist of three courses: Basic ABAP Programming, Intermediate ABAP Programming, and a course on ABAP Dictionary and ABAP Core Data Services (CDS). The basic course and the first units of the second course are online, already. The remaining units of the second course will follow in the next few weeks. And we already got started on the final course.

    So, stay tuned while we extend this learning journey and shape ABAP learning for the future.