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SAP offers students special pricing for one certification exam attempt. For more information, see SAP to Offer Special Student Pricing for SAP Global Certification Program.

Here are the steps to getting certified as a student:

  1. Check out the list of exams that are available via the list of valid exams. Check which courses are needed for the exam by clicking on the "More Information" link to the right of the exam name and looking at the exam description and topics.

  2. Book your voucher in SAP Training Shop. Make sure you send in proof that you are studying.

  3. Check the SAP Learning Hub catalog to see which SAP Learning Hub version you need or prepare via your university course or OpenSAP. You can purchase the SAP Learning Hub edition in SAP Training Shop.

  4. Study for the exam. If you are using SAP Learning Hub to prepare, check out this How to Get SAP Certified with SAP Learning Hub for more guidance.

  5. Schedule the exam in the Certification Hub via SAP Training Shop. Exams can be taken 24/7 in the Certification Hub via a virtually proctored environment. For more information about taking a cloud exam, see this Take your SAP Certification Exams in the Cloud.

  6. Share your digital badge here in the SAP Community, on LinkedIn or in your e-mail signature to show what you achieved - After you pass your certification exam, you will be sent an invitation to claim your digital badge by e-mail. For more details, check on this blog post.

Good luck!