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Registration is now open!

Registration is mandatory to participante in the event. To register to the ERPsim Academic User Group Meeting, please complete the registration form and send it back to or by fax at 1-514-340-6132 (attn.: Line Perrier).

Registration form (PDF)

Pre-event research workshop: June 10th 2013

Instructor Seminar: June 11th to June 14th 2013

Location: HEC Montréal, Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Meeting chairs : Pierre-Majorique Léger, Gilbert Babin , Jacques Robert & Jean-Francois Michon

ERPsim Lab is pleased to invite you to the 2nd ERPsim User Group Meeting. The meeting will be held at HEC Montréal (Montréal, Québec, Canada) from June 11th to June 14th.  The mission of ERPsim Lab is to conduct research, development and transfer in the field of serious games in information technology. ERPsim is a unique business simulation technology that enables the simulation of near-real-life business contexts in large corporate information systems.

This academic meeting will focus on sharing teaching and research experience using ERPsim. Presentations will cover a variety of topics including: ERPsim games (Distribution, Logistics and Manufacturing), ERPsim BI and analytical tools, conducting research using ERPsim, and using simulation games as a learning tool.  In addition, this will be an opportunity to attend the Level 1 or Level 2 ERPsim instructor seminars. The 5th International ERPsim Game Final will also be held during this meeting.

This event is open for any members of the SAP University Alliance. A registration fee of 50$ (plus applicable Canadian taxes) is requested to cover logistics costs. Details about transportation and housing can be found below. Places are limited. Registration page will be available early next week. Pre-register by email at and indicate your choice between the 2 levels.

Details on the seminars offered during the meeting:

1) ERPsim Level 1 Instructor Seminar (June 11th to June 14th 2013):

• Learn how to use ERPsim effectively and become confident in using the solution

• Understand how to implement ERPsim and SAP in a curriculum

• Coverage: Distribution game, Manufacturing Introduction, Manufacturing Extended

• ERPsim Console administration

• Simulation game and enactive learning pedagogical approaches

2) ERPsim Level 2 Trainer Seminar (June 11th to June 14th 2013):

• Pre-requisite : Level 1 Seminar required

• Learn advanced ERPsim functionalities

• Obtain the Level 2 certification to become a “train-the-trainer”

• Coverage: Logistics game, ERPsim BI, SAP BusinessObjects and other analytics.

• Advanced pedagogical approaches and troubleshooting

• Level 2 Certification Exam

3) Pre-event : Tech3Lab Research workshop June 10th 2013

In collaboration with Tech3Lab, we organize a research workshop to share ongoing research projects related to NeuroIS and other related topics. Researchers from Tech3Lab, but also from the IS and HCI communities, will share current research projects and preliminary results. Workshop includes presentations such as “Integrating ERPsim and Noldus Observer XT for NeuroIS experiments” and “Extracting and integrating ERPsim and SAP data for IS research.” More information about the pre-event at