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On the 21th May 2014 at the Wrocław University of Economics there was started the second edition of Design Thinking Workshop with the support of SAP Polska. 30 people from that collage participated in this event. They were divided by 5 teams. The workshop was begun by Witalij Rudnicki – representative of SAP who introduced a brief review of Design Thinking methodology use by SAP. Participants were also found out with the fundamental scope of SAP activities. Every team was assigned to one mentor – this is a person who is familiar with Design Thinking processes.

There were a few cases to solved by participants:

    1. The first one was referred to current political problems in the World. The fictional enterprise – Wolter Freedom Review is a multinational organization deals with monitoring of democratic processes in the democratic as well not democratic countries. The aim of the organization is to create the information system for monitoring electors that will be independent of governance institutions.

    2. Wroclaw town is an organizer of World Games in 2017. During this event there were many sportsman/woman and citizens from different countries. The problem is – How to ensure safety, organize ticket sales and identify people who disturb the rules? Another big challenge is to ensure practical and detailed schedule with all competitions.

    3. The last one is connected with traffic jam in polish roads. On polish highways we can meet many toll collection areas. The process of charging fees is a little bit complicated. At the beginning of the turnpike, the driver gets proper ticket and at the end gives back the ticket and pay for it. That solution is very debatable for drivers. They must stop the car and at the consequence cause a big traffic jam. What is more, that traffic jam can block a road for policing service.

Design Thinking stimulants people’s brain to look deeper into cases and constitutes very helpful tool to solve different problems. Participants had many interesting ideas, conceptions and solutions for their challenges. What is very important, all of them well understood the Design Thinking methodology. Workshop was led according to the original Design Thinking assumptions. Each step was preceded by piece of information about tasks that will be performed in a given step. The atmosphere was very nice and participants demonstrated a big interest in Design Thinking. Organizers got very positive feedback so the main conclusion is to begin preparation to 3th edition of Design Thinking Workshop at the Wroclaw University of Economics. Many thanks to Witalij Rudnicki – representative of SAP Polska and Maciej Pondel, PhD from Wroclaw University of Economics for invaluable support in Design Thinking Workshop :smile:

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