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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

More about Sebastiano in SAP Community

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Location (City, Country): New York, United States 
Occupation: SAP Technical Consultant 


Sebastiano, tell us about yourself.
Who are you, what do you like to do, what is important to you?

I am Italian, born between Venice and Verona. Currently, I live in US. I'm a very friendly, proactive, and curious SAP Developer. I moderate the SAP New York Community, and I am always ready for a SAP Stammtisch or SIT if it's nearby. If you happen to stop by, please contact me. I also made one, the first one in Italy of SAP Stammtisch. I'd be happy to talk for hours about SAP innovations and development. 

What is your area of expertise?
What does a usual day at work look like for you?

I'm SAP addicted and passionate about innovation. I support the philosophy of maintaining a clean core and extending through SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). My typical day rounds  around Eclipse with CDS and on Business Application Studio with Sapui5 / Build Process Automation for new SAP BTP Extensions. I am a technical consultant and, in my work, passionate of project management.

What inspired you to become an SAP Champion in SAP Community?

In reality, I was inspired by old SAP mentors like Sergio Ferrari and Alessandro Iannacci; they were former colleagues. After attending multiple SAP Inside Tracks and making many friends like Nil Peksen, I met Mynyna Chau again at SAP TechEd 2022 in Las Vegas. That's when I saw the possibility of becoming an SAP champion. 

How do you learn in SAP Community?
What is your daily/weekly routine in SAP Community?

I learn everything from the SAP Community. There, you can find most of the answers to your issues. My routine on the SAP Community is to answer questions when possible, review all the new blog posts in my area, and document my journey regarding my new experiences. 

What is your suggestion to get the most out of SAP Community?

The suggestion is to have a routine, for example, spend 1 hour every Monday to review and answer questions. Never leave a question unanswered; always try to provide closure or assistance. If possible, inquire about it in a blog post. Other people will likely find your initiative helpful. 

Arrow_pictogramm_new.pngSebastiano's question to you:
You can ask me how is Italy and New York, or you can ask me how is On Premise and BTP, up to you? For me important is share knowledge and meet new SAP friends. 


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