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Community Advocate

More about Murali in SAP Community

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Location (City, Country):  Sydney, Australia 
Occupation: SAP Customer Success Manager, SAP Australia 


Murali, tell us about yourself.
Who are you, what do you like to do, what is important to you?

In 2003, I embarked on my career journey as a Java developer. Intrigued by the realm of SAP and consistently curious about ABAP technology, I found my initial exposure to SAP Implementation projects in 2005 to be pivotal, leading me to discover the SAP Community. I derive immense satisfaction from contributing to projects that transform business processes, and in recent years, I have dedicated considerable time to crafting solution architectures that address the unique challenges faced by our customers. Currently, I hold a position at SAP Australia, where I lead a team of SAP BTP Customer Success Partners focused on fostering the adoption of SAP technologies in the Asia Pacific & Greater China region. 

What is your area of expertise?
What does a usual day at work look like for you?

My area of expertise is SAP Business Technology Platform(BTP). A typical day at work would involve coaching and mentoring the team. I also meet customers to help them understand how they can get more value out of SAP BTP. I always try to excite them about digitization and how technology could change the way they do their business. I am a frequent speaker in many SAP conferences, and you will also get to see me in many SAP Community events. 

What inspired you to become an SAP Champion in SAP Community?

Back in 2005, I used SAP Community as a platform to get answers for my questions. Since, then I have learnt a lot and I always wanted to give back to the community and continue using this forum to learn something new every day. Being SAP Champion means being active in the SAP Community and connecting with people with shared interests and supporting the community members. I strongly believe in knowledge sharing & using SAP community as a platform to collaborate with other members. 

This has been the best place for me to look for experts across the globe and connect with them.  

As a SAP champion, I participate and also organize various events giving an opportunity for people to network/collaborate and strengthen the community. 

How do you learn in SAP Community?
What is your daily/weekly routine in SAP Community?

I regularly track specific topics within the SAP Community, making it a routine to visit their dedicated pages frequently. Since last year, I've been following various tags on the SAP Community. Whenever a blog post is published on a topic of interest, I receive email notifications. I leverage these notifications as a prompt to log in to the SAP Community and delve into the latest content shared by community members. This has become a daily ritual for me before commencing my workday. Spending a few minutes each day allows me to stay informed, particularly by exploring blog posts from Product Managers unveiling the latest updates, as well as insights from other community members sharing their experiences with various SAP BTP services. 

What is your suggestion to get the most out of SAP Community?

There are 3 things I would recommend: 

Explore topics of interest within the SAP Community, such as ABAP Development or SAP Build. Follow these topics and identify the top contributors. Active participation in these forums is an excellent way to stay abreast of the latest and most compelling content shared by community members. 

Join location-based community groups in your city. This provides an opportunity to connect with locals who share common interests. Engage in direct conversations with peers, utilize the group to pose questions, share insights, and seek feedback and guidance. 

Keep an eye out for in-person SAP Community events in your city, such as SAP Inside Track events, SAP CodeJam, or SAP Stammtisch. Local events offer a valuable platform to access the latest information, learn from experts, and network with fellow community members. If such events are limited, consider taking the initiative to organize one with the support of the SAP Community team. 

Arrow_pictogramm_new.pngMurali's question to you:

What has been your most impactful experience or learning moment within the SAP Community, and how has it influenced your approach to SAP technologies or projects? Share your insights, and
let's foster a vibrant exchange of experiences within our SAP community!"


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