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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

About Brian

  • Austin, TX
  • SAP Mentor since 2021

Brian Dennett.png

Head of Delivery for North America at DalRae Solutions. I spent the last half decade working hands on with AI/ML before re-entering the SAP ecosystem to focus on BTP. I'm also an SAP mentor and have been around since 2006 doing everything from writing ABAP to managing SAP landscapes.

Topics of interest: SAP BTP, Process engineering, machine learning, data viz, UI/UX, ABAP

Brian, what inspired you to become an SAP Mentor?

handshake .pngI was fortunate enough to work with an SAP mentor early in my career which inspired me to start engaging with the SAP community. That connection to the community led to speaker opportunities, including a DemoJam, and resulted in me being invited to engage with the mentors, media, and SAP leadership at various events. Those conversations are amongst my most memorable professional moments so when given a chance to formalize my role as a mentor it was an easy yes.

What advice would like to share with other SAP community members?

298874_collaborate_blue (1).pngI was once given the advice that to make an impact you must find a big lever and get as close to it as you can. The fact is there are few levers in the world bigger than SAP. The opportunity to work in this ecosystem, on this technology, is special. It’s easy to discard enterprise software as boring but this stuff really does shape the world.

If you can keep that perspective, it’s easy to find kindred spirits within the community and ultimately find yourself as one of those people making a real impact.

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