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Increasingly, conversations with Industrial Wholesale Distributors have included the use of vending machines as a way to grow and efficiently manage their businesses.  Distributors are now driving record growth of industrial vending, a term broadly used to describe a point-of-use system that end-users can use to control the use of materials in their facilities.  Safety products and indirect materials are most commonly stocked in the machines.  

With SAP, distributors and end-users can track usage and better manage inventory replenishment. Vending also helps embed a distributor in a customer’s facility, making it harder for that customer to walk away if the distributor performs well. Customers benefit
because it can help them streamline operations and cut back on costs associated with inventory shrinkage.

The flexibility of utilizing on-site Smart Vending solutions include:


  • Product storage in a secured machine to help control product usage with 24x7 access
  • Inventory tracking accuracy by project or employee
  • Location at the point-of-use
  • Decreased inventory carrying costs for on-hand inventory and eliminating stock-outs
  • Par-level inventory replenishment, only replacing only products that have been used
  • Detailed reporting


Stop by our Wholesale Distribution Expert table in the Industries Campus (IN129) for a hands-on demo to learn more about how Smart Vending can help your Distribution business increase revenue and reduce costs.

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