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XI Technology available for SAP IS-U

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Hi Everyone

Does anyone of you know, at what version of IS-U was the first one to cater for the use of XI Technology in communication, and if so, when was this released.

Do anyone of you know, if hot-package or packages have contained XI Technology for earlier versions than the above IS-U version, especially for version 4.64, and if so, do you know the release date of that.

Hope any of you in here can help me.


Per Engholt


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Hi Per,

IS-U and XI are two completely different pairs of shoes...

As to my knowledge even in ECC 6.0 IS-U (or now called UT) communicates with XI (now PI) via IDOCs. <b>If</b> communicates at all, I just know IDEX(-GE) (in respect of IS-U) using XI in a SAP supported solution.

Since 4.64 knows IDOCs it should be able to work with XI. Your problem is the content in XI, as there is none for IS-U.



Points always appreciated