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Which ISU billing variant(s) to use

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I am looking for advice on which billing variant(s) to use to subtract consumption from an annual block amount, which drives to a block rate. Annual consumption block is 10,000 units; price from 1-10,000 units is 20 cents/unit; from 10,000 – 99,999 units, 10 cents/unit.

Consumption in Month 1 is 3000 units at 20 cents/unit. (10,000 – 3,000 = 7,000 units left in block)

In month 2, consumption is 4000 units, again at 20 cents/unit. (7,000 – 4,000 = 3,000 units left)

In month 3, consumption is 4,000 units – 3,000 units at 20/cents; 1,000 units at 10 cents/unit.

In months 4 thru 12, all consumption at 10 cents/unit.

After month 12, reset consumption block to 10,000 units.


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Debby,

this can be done by using billing variant QUANTI19 together with QUANTI21 and the definition of block prices.
If the initialization of the quantity is not at the begin of calendar year then variant QUANTI35 can be used instead of variant QUANT19.
All these billing variants have a detailed documentation where you will find more information how they work.

Best regards,
Katrin Frenzel
SAP Product Support