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Good day Experts,

Now iam working on Variants. I've created the Avg.Consumption Variant for EA00 t.code. If i run the variant its goes to shortdump which is I_ANLAGE parameter is missmatched. System triggers functionmodule which is Standard for billing ISU_SCHEMA_EXECUTE. i have seen the structure. in stracture also ANLAGE is Char 10 which i've taken in my function module merely. I Didnt taken the stractures. i've defined the variable I_ANLAGE TYPE ANLAGE BUT in Standarad Funtionmodule Anlage field is in Stracture which is XY_SOBJ type ISU2A_DATA_COLLECTOR which is having another stracture ISU2A_INST_STRUC. From ISU2A_INST_STRUC stracture have ANLAGE.

So i have a dought. When the system compare the Standard Functionmodule and my Function module which is Customizing. how the system will compare? is it based on stracture or fields.

Plz its very urgent. give me advice.




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Hi Kiran

Did you find a solution to the variant YAVGCONS, I am currently fixing the same variant at a client and I have no clue on how to debug the variant. Please assist.


Adhil Ramruthan