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User-exit for ES30 (Create Installation)

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Hi, Does anybody know, if it is possible to manipulate with the field 'Grid' (GRID_ID) at the screen for creating installations. I need to fill the field with a value, and to close the field for input. It seems as no enhancement or BADI exists for this purpose. Regards Hanne.


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Can you check Ehancement :- EMDI0001 (IS-U: Installation - subscreen integration and field check ) ..for this purpose .

I suggest one way to acheive ur result .

Use any of these exits -- do the coding and validate to over write the input value done by the user with your value which ever u wanted to fill.

Hope this will help .

R. Ramvelu

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Hi Hanne ,

When you are saying Grid , i assume that its in the deregulated market . Its not possible to ;rather i should say its not recommended that you change the the grid field input at the screen while creating a installation as this is linked with the shipper/supplier falling in that area and its linked to the de-reg POD .Changing this <u><i><b>might</b></i></u> bring the installation (BP) into different portion and cause problems in billing .Usually this is greyed out or its in display mode .

There is a possibility that the customer has moved out from that portion itself and now falls under a different shipper and grid then only changes can ocur .

please correct me if i am wrong .