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Transaction FPINTM2 - Cash Security Deposit Interest Calculation Issue

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Hi Experts,

I have a requirement where I have to perform below two actions on cash security deposit while calculating interest in mass using transaction FPINTM2.

  1. When I am calculating next year SD interest, it is not picking previous year interest amount. My requirement is to calculate next year interest on Security deposit + all previous years interest.

   2.  Cash security deposit should be calculated considering number of completed months.

    For Example:-

  • If start date is 20.01.2015 to 21.02.2015 then completed month is '0' ( because there is no single complete month)
  • if start date  is 01.01.2015 to 20.07.2015 then completed month is '6' .
  • if start date is 01.01.2015 to 31.07.2015 then completed month is '7'.

Please let me know how to handle it.

Thanks in Advance.

Kind Regards,



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Hi Ankur,

I don't think there is a configurable solution for your scenario.

You would have to invoke FI-CA Interest calculation Events (either Event 2085 or 2095) to execute your custom program logic to accomplish what you have described in your post.

Add the logic and business rules in your functional specification for your developer to code. Ensure that the logic is only invoked for Main transaction 0020, and only when amount is less than zero.



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Hi Ivor,

Thanks for you reply.

I have looked after EVENT 2085 but I was bit confused whether I could simply add my previous year interest line items in the table  t_fkk_int_item_chosen of event because inside FM FKK_INTEREST_ON_CASH_DEPOSIT it is performing further checks on line items.

Standard logic of calculating interest is on number of days whereas mine is on number of completed month. Any exact point where I can set the start and end date of each line items for interest calculation so it won't change dates in the database entries.

FQEVENT 2095 is of tax calculation, it is of no use for this design.



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Hi Ankur,

Please find the response to your queries.-

(a) You want to have the interest on interest functionality apart from the Standard functionality for FPINTM2. In standard SAP, this interest on interest functionality is getting blocked in event 2015.

If you check the FM,FKK_SAMPLE_2015 or ISU_CHECK_ITEM_2015, it is only allowing to pass those items\ payments which has cleared a item for which  I_FKKOP-ASTKZ ='H', otherwise it is raising ITEM_BLOCKED.

So now if you have to calculate the interest on interest functionality, you have to make a custom FM and then remove this check, and put your own logic.

(b) Similarly,if you want to calculate the interest on a monthly basis, then you can use event 2090.

This event allows to overwrite the start date and the end date for the interest calculation that is proposed by standard SAP.

In here, you can have an enhancement, that would cater your requirement.

Hope it helps...



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Hi Amlan and Ivor,

Thanks for the reply.

I believe that Ivor and your suggestion should work as per my requirement. I will check and let you know.



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Hi Amlan,

In DFKKOP table, security interest amount is showing GT zero due to which document type SI entries are not even reaching to FQEVENTS 2015. Before 2015 event standard only allows amount LT zero entry to pass through it.

I believe when we calculate interest for the next year then SAP should automatically calculate interest on the total amount (principal amount + previous year interest).

Do you have any hint, How security deposit entry apears in the DFKKOP table?

Could you please share the FICA security deposit configuration doc. from which I can verify the configuration maintain in the system.

Note:- I have gone through all the config. thread given on the internet.