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To exclude the list of Contract accounts from FPCOPARA

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Hi Experts,

I'am trying to exclude list of 500 Contarct accounts from FPCOPARA t-code for executing manually.

But i'am unable to exclude the list of accounts.

Can you please suggest regarding this issue.

Advance thanks,

Ramesh babu.


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Have you tried using the user parameters tab, choosing the contract account field and then entering the list using the exclude single values option? Otherwise, you would need to define logic in the correspondence events.



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Hey Ramesh ... You could try the contract account exclusiion as Bill suggests. Or another option if you are trying to exclude these 500 accounts because you don't even need to print the correspondence associated to them, you could go to dfkkcoh, get the co keys associated to those accounts. Use the the User parameters tab to select those keys only, print them to a spool and get them marked printed. Now they are out of the way.

You can you that same technique to print the selected items you are trying to print (exluding the 500 accounts from the cokey selection in dfkkcoh).

Just another option .... Joe

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Thank you boss.

It is working fine.

Many more thanks..

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it is fine now.