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Tech Ed Points

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There was a blog sometimes before telling that if one attend any of the teched and post a blog with the teched image you will awarded 50 points extra.

I have posted 2 blogs and attended B'lore teched but I see my points are not updated.

Can anyone pls looked into this asap.

Also I am still waiting for my sony PSP from the date the prizes was announced I believe Sep 16th 2005.The prizes was not carried to B'lore tech Ed also.Any update on this also please.




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These are things much easier asnwered if you simply email me.

For those of you also wondering, the prizes are being sent from Palo Alto and I have been assured that they are being sent in fact by now they should be already on the way.

For those of you who posted the "Banner" on a webpage outside of SDN and wrote the link on the Wiki page you were given the 50 extra points. If you simply put the banner in a weblog on SDN, there was another weblog from Mark clarifying that, that did not count as the idea was of course to promote SDN outside of SDN.