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Tables under transaction SLG_ISU

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When i'm running the transaction SLG_ISU (in SAP IS-U), i'll see the ISU-billing logs. When I see the errors, the device and installation will be displayed.

The main information is coming from the tables BALHDR and ERPL. But in these tables the device and installation information are not stored.

Where can I find the link between BALHDR/ERPL and the installation or device information?




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A better way to analyze logs is transaction EMMA.

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There is no direct link between messages in application logs (BALHDR, etc) and application objects (e.g. installation or device). Application log is intended to store any message produced by an application (e.g ISU Billing). These messages are stored as texts, in which variable placeholders are filled with actual values during execution (like in error messages).

If you need to analyze messages you can try some SAP standard function modules. These function modul;es you can find in SAP help on Appplication Log.