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Supply Scenario undefined

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Hi colleague,

i'm facing an issue related to Supply Scenario.

While displaying any installation, supply scenario field is "undefined". ideally it should have some value.

can anyone please help me that how this supply scenario fetches the value.




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Hi Ritika,

Once billable(those with contracts) and nonbillable services are defined for the Installation the supply scenario gets allocated automatically if properly configured.Sometimes though it doesn't come and we generate it manually.Check below threads.

you can see this (Supply scenario) at the PoD level clearly.Best way is to create the data through MDT which shall take care of the whole process.

At the installation level it shall come when it shows at the PoD level.

hope this helps.



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Hi Rakesh,

Thanks for the response.

after i went through the thread links, i found that when i displayed POD, in POD service tab, nothing is maintained---->

as in POD id, service type, service provider....nothing is there.

is there any way to add details here manually or can it comes automatically.

i tried using BOR object ISUPOD also, but i couldn't get the method " get supply scenario".

I'm stuck at this point.

Can you please help me further?



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Hi Ritika,

For the supply scenario to come in you have to maintain billable and no billable contracts with the service providers

so eg my supply scenario is own supplier ext distributor

then i shall have 1 billable contract with the supplier and 1 non billable contract with the distributor.

and this shall show in PoD with the supply scenario as 'own supplier and ext distributor'(provided proper customization is maintained).

check this

and for supply scenario

Please check a MDT for creating a full master data for deregulation scenario.

Please post back for any further queries