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segment error

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hi dear gurus

while i am posting from fpe1 manual posting the following error "Segment not allowed as distribution characteristic in company code 1000"

is coming i am not assigned segments to in co account assignment level but the error condition is same can u advise me to over come by this condition

thankful to helping one



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When you post in FPE1 you have a Reconciliation (Receivable) GL Account and also a Revenue Account.  The Receivable account will be found via transaction EK01 for the Main transaction you are using, and the Revenue account will be found via transaction Ek02 for the Main/Sub combination that you are using in FPE1.

Note these account numbers in display them via transaction FS00.

On the 3rd tab, you will see the "Field Status Group" associated with that GL Account. Double click on the Field Status Group, and navigate to the second page of your display. Check to see the "Segment" is a required field (or not). If it is, it might be causing your issue.

If it is a required field, you will need to speak to your FI-GL support person to inquire why it has been set that way, and suppress it if necessary.

I hope this helps.


Ivor M.

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hi lvor thanks for your valuable suggestion

i checked in field status variant regarding require option for SEGMENT it is in suppress mode. any other area can you suggest for solving this issue

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Check your settings in Posting Areas 0300 and 0301 using transaction FQC0.

Perhaps you are defaulting in Segments due to that configuration.


Ivor M.