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SAP ISU UCES - Utility Customer E-services

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Hi Folks,

We are using CRM IC Webclient and UCES for a SAP ISU and CRM implementation for a utility company. I have following queries to start with.

1. I understand that UCES works on Java/JSP and can work standalone as well as via EP. Please share documentation as to how to get UCES up and running in both scenarios.

2. There are certain things which can be done via CRM IC Webclient as well e.g Move-in and Move-out. How would this be different from UCES apart from the fact that it is being created by the customer service agent in the former and by the customer in the later.

3. Is there a cookbook for development/configuration for UCES ? If so please share.

Thanks ahead,




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hi yuvraj

I am also working on the portal piece for SAP ISU UCES , were u able to find some documentation if so could u forward it to me .

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if either of you have any information on SAP ISU UCES, could you please share the knowledge.

my email id is

Thanks a lot,

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I'd like the same documentation

Thank you


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I am implementing a SAP Portal for UCES , anyone with that experience .

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Ho will the end user react and what he will see when he gets into UCES Portal

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Good day experts,

iam working on variant programming which is EA88 T.CODE. I've created YAVGCONS variant for avg.consumption which is ISU_YAVGCONS But it goes to short dump. thats why i've created another ISU_YAVGCONS1 For ea00 t.code. when iam execute the ea00 t.code which is under Debug mode. New function module is not triggering? Why? and can i delete old one or else anything i hve to do?

Plz give me solution



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Hi Kiran

Did you find a solution to the variant YAVGCONS, I am currently fixing the same variant at a client and I have no clue on how to debug the variant. Please assist.


Adhil Ramruthan