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Query regarding ISU streams

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Hi Experts,

I am studying ISU .So far what I get to know is that there are several areas of SAP IS-Utilities :

ISU-CCS (Customer Care Solution)

EDM (Energy Data Management)

Work Management

WA(SAP Waste and Recycling)

IDE (Intercompany Data Exchange)

My query is that do guys have to learn all of them or

just try to have expertise in any one of the areas mentioned above.If later one is the case then among all the streams which one will be good to learn ,I mean which one is more demanding.

Please suggest me .




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The main functional streams in IS-U are:

  • Custumer Service (contacts, complaints, move in/out, etc)

  • device management & meter reading

  • contract accounting

  • billing

Personally, I'd suggest picking one domain first. Get to know it, get some experience, then extend your knowledge to the other domains.



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The major areas that you will be dealing with in ISU are

Device Management that includes Meter Reading

Energy Data Management

Billing and Invoicing


Customer Interaction Center etc

Then on top of it, you can have CRM integration as well as UCES (Utilities Customer E-Services) and the latest and greatest xAM (Asset Management xApp).

Now what you want to focus on depends on what your background is. If you are technical, then you can focus on the ABAP side, Web IC side (CRM), Print Workbench, Java side (for UCES development). If you have a business background, you can get into functional configurations aspects of any of the topics above. "Which one?" again depends on your exact background, interest and expertise. There is demand for almost any part ISU. But it is better you evaluate your strengths and match it with an specific focus area and learn.

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Hi Srinivas

I am technical consultant and all the topics specified by you are new to me.

Now please suggest me how to get start with it and what to pick up first.



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Did you work in ABAP before, or is this going to be your first exposure to SAP? If you know ABAP, then just learn a little bit about the functionality in ISU that is not there in regular ERP and see if you can get some tables and transactions in there. You can try learning Print Workbench as it is a new concept and also you can learn the concept of events in ISU. If you know the Java side of SAP, then you can probably get into UCES development. If you are good at BSPs, then you can try learning Web Interaction center that goes with the CRM module for ISU.

If you don't have SAP technical expertise before, then learning anything is fine as long as you can get that first break.