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Portion wise dunning

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I need to run dunning, portion wise.

Is their any thing in the config I can change for this.


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Dear Kunal,

The SAP System allows you to dun business partners automatically. The system duns the open items from business partner accounts in which the overdue items create a debit balance. The dunning program selects the overdue open items, determines the dunning level of the account in question, and creates a dunning notice. It then saves the dunning data determined for the items and accounts affected.

You can use the dunning program to dun both customers and vendors. It may be necessary to dun a vendor if he or she has a debit balance as a result of a credit memo. If a customer is also a vendor, you can offset the account balances against one another.

The dunning levels are calculated based on the number of days open items are in arrears. You can also have the system calculate the dunning levels based on the dunning amount or a percentage paid (sales-related dunning level determination).

You can determine more than one dunning level per dunning procedure.

Hope this info will be useful.



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Do you know is there any enhancement by using which i can add PORTION as a selection criteria in case of Dunning invoice.

And can you tell, it should be done at the time of creation FICA document, am i right or not. and could you tell me the correct transaction on which i need to search User exit so it can work fine.

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if you mean dunning mass activities (transaction FPVA, FPVB), then there is no exit to add selection fields to the screen.

If you want additional fields, you have to modify the mass activity.

Reward points if useful.

Kind regards, Marina

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There's a set of function modules that deal with dunning under transaction FQEVENTS. They are as follows:

300 Dunning: Edit Proposal

301 Dunning: Create Dunning Groups

302 Dunning: Create Dunning Proposal

303 Dunning: Determine lock and dunning procedure

304 Dunning: Determine next dunning level

306 Dunning: Change Dunning Group Fields

307 Dunning: Determine Dunning procedure of Dunning Group

308 Dunning: Fill Customer Fields

309 Dunning: Change Group

310 Dunning: Start printing dunning notice

311 Dunning: Read open items

You can use either of these events for configuration. Inside these events are function modules that are tied to the configurable items dunning items found in IMG.

Good Luck.